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CORE healthy eating advice meets your personal requirements, with any dietary question answered.




CORE can advise on: dietary changes to feel healthier and energised; a balanced diet; portion size; making sound food choices; practical food and meal ideas; dietary myths, IBS and food allergy. CORE healthy eating sessions can be group based or 1-1. This in-depth service is unique due to the high-level qualification and experience of Dr Claire Tuck, the only Registered Nutritionist in North Wales. Over six years of nutrition training and over twenty years of experience brings you the best: an up to date, high-quality nutrition service based on research and experience.

Consultations can include a food diary analysis and detailed report; this consultation costs £50 (one hour consultation). Consultations without a food diary analysis cost £35.

Please contact us to book a nutrition consultation.

CORE can help you control your weight, whether you want to lose or gain weight. The focus is on enabling you to make changes that you decide upon, with specialist advice and assistance. Research has shown that specialised advice and the client being in control achieves the best results: maintaining weight change in the long term.

So this is the protocol: we meet, talk about past weight experiences and problems, focus on how to overcome these problems, look at current weight goals, and start on the path to weight change. The sessions are individualised to meet your needs, so we may cover a range of nutrition and exercise areas, depending on the identified problems and your specific needs (such as lack of motivation, poor eating habits (often due to past dieting), eating due to stress/boredom/loneliness/habit, learning how to cope with stress), and develop the best eating plan for you, making small changes. We focus on enabling you to enjoy life and food, not to be controlled by what you eat.


CORE weight control covers nutrition, exercise and behavioural change. All sessions are based on making lifelong changes to the type of food that is eaten, the amount of exercise that is taken, and the way that clients think and feel about their weight. To achieve this, we recommend:

  • Personalised dietary and exercise analysis and feedback –three days of diet and exercise, completed and analysed before the course starts
  • Sessions on healthy eating, fitness, motivation, reducing problems that prevent lifestyle change, goal setting and effective planning to maintain lifestyle change
  • Activities (if wanted): pilates, resistance work
  • Post-course support by e-mail

Corporate weight-loss courses can be run in the workplace. Please contact CORE to discuss your requirements.

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The Balanced Infant Guide (Tuck, 2013)

The above guide shows the research-based balance of  milk and food from different food groups that a 9 to 12 month old infant needs for good health.

Claire Tuck, PhD., Registered Nutritionist, has produced the first UK book on infant feeding giving in-depth research based guidance to health professionals (Complementary feeding: a research-based guide). This up to date guide for health professionals covers infant feeding from 6 to 12 months. The following areas are covered in depth: when and how to introduce solids; the dietary requirements of infants and how they can be met, plus food groups and portion size.

‘Complementary feeding: a research-based guide’ is published by Radcliffe and is CPD certified. This book is a valuable research and practice tool for all health professionals involved in infant feeding.

Claire’s book on infant feeding can be purchased here

‘Complementary feeding: a research-based guide’ is published by Radcliffe and is CPD certified. This book is a valuable research and practice tool for all health professionals.

Providing advice and guidance on complementary feeding

Basics – healthy eating plus free pdf

Individual and group sessions on infant feeding can be booked – please contact CORE

Free research-based advice on Nutrition and Multiple Sclerosis available here

Multiple Sclerosis and diet

CORE offers workshops and talks on many areas of nutrition, including all areas of sports nutrition, healthy eating, weight control, infant nutrition, plus nutrition for Multiple Sclerosis. Previous talks and workshops include: healthy eating with primary school children; food groups and food labelling with young people with special needs; fresh foods cookery workshop for adults with special needs; eating for sports performance with young footballers; feeding infants for young mums, infant feeding for health visitors; bottle and breast feeding for student midwives, and healthy eating for Multiple Sclerosis for the Conwy Multiple Sclerosis branch.


Here is a wide range of services we provide

CORE Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition has a major role in achieving success in sport. Performance is affected by the amount and type of food eaten before, during and after training and competition.

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CORE Nutrition

Our individualised CORE nutrition service covers all aspects of sports nutrition, weight control, and healthy eating. CORE also covers infant feeding and nutrition for Multiple Sclerosis.

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CORE Pilates

We offer individualised pilates service for rehabilitation, fitness and sport, at beginner to advanced level. We offer mat based pilates, pilates chair and reformer sessions.

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