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Hello lovely CORE people.

Conwy New Library – with the lovely cafe. Proving popular for our Tuesday mat class at 6pm, and first Saturday of the month Pilates Arc class at 11 to 12.30.

Please bring your mat and head cushion/towel, and please wear your mask. 



CORE offers the highest level of nutrition, pilates and Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) services for both groups and individuals

CORE is a not-for-profit company, providing nutrition, pilates and SUP sessions for all

CORE offers nutrition

Sports nutrition, weight control, and healthy eating .


CORE offers pilates on the mat, Pilates Arc and Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

For rehabilitation, injury prevention and fitness, for beginners to advanced.

CORE offers Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is great CORE work. CORE SUP sessions take place at Geirionydd Lake near Llanrhwst, Padarn Lake in Llanberis, Morfa Conwy beach and soon will river run from Llanrhwst!


CORE brings subsidised or free nutrition and pilates sessions to those most in need and unable to meet the cost of sessions. We aim to subsidise 25% of sessions.
This in-depth service is unique due to the high-level of qualification and experience of CORE’s nutritionist and pilates instructor Claire Paisley. Claire, a Sports Nutritionist and Registered Nutritionist, has a Masters and PhD. in Nutrition and has completed the International Olympic Committee two-year Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Claire is the only Registered Nutritionist in North Wales (accredited with the Association of Nutrition), has over six years of nutrition training and over twenty five years of research and practise. Claire is also a fully qualified pilates teacher, trained by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and Fitness Wales (FW). Claire has over fifteen years of experience teaching pilates, and together with her personal sporting and rehabilitation background, her high-quality classes are developed to best meet the needs of clients. Claire is also a qualified stand up paddle boarding (SUP) instructor, trained by the British Stand Up Paddle boarding Association (BSUPA), and loving every minute on the water!


CORE Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition has a major role in achieving success in sport. Performance is affected by the amount and type of food eaten before, during and after training and competition.

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CORE Nutrition

Our individualised CORE nutrition service covers all aspects of sports nutrition, weight control, and healthy eating.

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CORE Pilates

We offer individualised pilates service for rehabilitation, fitness and sport, at beginner to advanced level. We offer mat based pilates, pilates chair and reformer sessions, as well as SUPilates (pilates on a Stand Up Paddleboard) outdoors on the water.

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Latest News

Please keep an eye on the website for news and our Facebook page about upcoming free nutrition and pilates resources, classes, events and much more.

CORE and Conwy Physio Clinic


CORE is working with Conwy Physio Clinic ( to provide our clients with a rapid referral system for pilates and physiotherapy. This team working will ensure a cost-effective, professional programme of treatment for our clients. Please contact Ruth by telephone on 01492 562743 or by e-mail at